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Ok, so I have two questions. First, I have a 6970 that I am being forced to replace. I want to get something equal to or better in the price range. Was really debating between the 670 and the 7950. I mainly play SWTOR (in 1920x1080 windowed mode, and I run dual monitors at this resolution), so please feel free to recommend a card (even the manufacturer) It doesn't have to be a 670 or 7950, just whatever you think is best.

My next question is whether or not I should just do a full rebuild. I am currently running the following:

E8500 processor overclocked to 3.8 ghz
4 gb of ram
Gigabyte GA-x48-DS4 motherboard
650w corsair psu
antec 900

with the rebuild i was considering moving up to the i5-3570k. Total budget is no more than $1000, and I am really just trying to decide if the new build would give me that much of a performance difference.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Since you already have a pretty decent system, I recommend getting a 7950, installing it and seeing how things go. If you are happy with performance then just stay with the system you have. There is no need to spend the extra cash if you are already happy.

    I recommend this 7950.

    It has a stock speed, but they overclock very nicely.
  2. Thank you Zared. I was leaning towards the XFX, but I've read about a lot of problems with the fans on this card locking up. I think I am still between the XFX card and the Gigabyte one.

    Any other thoughts? Specifically towards the EVGA 670 or Asus 670? Havent read up on the nvidia cards too much, but it seem Toms think it's a better value than the 7950...even though it costs more.
  3. They are a better card, but if its worth the extra money or not? I don't know. You will have issues trying to not max out a game with either card, and because of where your budget is, I would stick with the 7950.

    As for a recommendation for a 670, I would go with something like this.
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