Can i play Battlefield 3 max payne 3 on these specs?

Hello can i play good games like max payne 3 and battlefield 3 on high settings with these specs
i5 2500k 3.3GHz
8GB ram
EVGA Nivada GTX 670 2 GB
1TB memory
1360x768 resolution

Also im thinking fo getting a new motherboard in the price range of 70-100 pound any ideas
Cheers :)
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  1. Yes i think you will be fine and mobo asusp8z77
  2. ok cheers do you recon i could near maxout and if not what would i need to do so?
  3. On that resolution you will be able to max them out easily. Maybe a bigger monitor should be next on your shopping list. You can see a lot more detail then and running full HD (1920x1080) should be good with your system:)
  4. now that you've bought a good cpu it wud be a good idea to run those games on maximum settings cuz it's time 4 your PC to pay the price>>>>
  5. Yeah, it will certainly max out those games at that resolution. You could go with a much lower spec video card too, like a 7850. If you get a 1080p monitor, the 670 will still max them out. That's what I would recommend.
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