Review my first build?I need advice

So,after months of waiting, and searching, i will finaly buy a new PC(in about a week).It will be mainly for gaming and with a bit of photoshop.I have already bought some parts,they were used but at a very good price.I will buy all of the rest parts new,except the gpu

Anyways, here is the build:
MOTHERBOARD:ASRock z77 Extreme 4
CPU COOLER:Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO
RAM:Corsair 2 x 4GB 2133MHz CL9 DDR3
Windows 8
PSU: Coolermaster UPC 1100W(already bought it used)
CASE:Coolermaster HAF 932(already bought it used)
MONITOR:Alienware AW2310(already bought it used)
i have mouse and keyboard
I will do mild overclock, probably up 4.2ghz.Will the parts be compatible?Why do i have the feeling that im missing something?
Please tell me your ideas
Thanks :)
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  1. the 2133mhz memory will be a waste. just get 1600, or if you really want overclocked memory, 1866. One other thing is that you will probably need a storage drive because there is NO way you are going to fit an OS, programs, files, and Steam onto a 128GB ssd.
  2. i know about the ram but its only 15euros more expensive than a 1600
    Hmm windows will take around 20gigs and other 8gb for programs and files so i will have 100gigs for games...I will buy an 1tb hdd in 2 months so i think that 128 are ok for now..?
  3. Hi, For memory, I would coose from
    low profiles sticks just to make sure that they will fit the heatsink.
  4. I think that im ok with memory..Storage seems to be the problem now
  5. As long as you don't have some monstrous game library you should be fine for a month or two. Just be careful and try to not use more than 102 gb. If you fill an ssd past 80% it slows down drastically.
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