Msi gtx 275 oc sli vs new msi gtx 660 ti

how better can be a new msi gtx 660 from my gtx 275 sli today? worth to buy 1 card and drop sli or need 2 at list to have some good upgrade from 275 thx

got thermaltake 1500w psu and a amd x4 965 that i will keep for moment along with an asus mobo and 4g ram that i try to change to something better
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  1. Wow, that is one hell of a power supply. I think a 660gtx is a good upgrade. I never recommend SLI, but I assume you are not having issues with it. I would look at some benchmarks and see which cards are fastest in the games you play.
  2. the 275 SLI should be about 10-20% slower than the 660, I don't know if its worth the money tho.
  3. thx for rpl guys
  4. Skip the GTX 660 and buy a better card maybe a 7850 or 7870 if your budget allows it. SLi 265's are all about worthless now. If you must buy Nvidia I would save my money and buy a GTX 670 and skip both the GTX 660 and GTX 660ti.
  5. It should be a bit faster plus you will be avoiding having to disable SLI in some games and have some more of the features seen in the newer cards...

    Also that PSU isn't going to be that efficient even with the 275's, way less with any of the keplers, I would change it out too if you do make the switch... At the end of the day its costing you more than it should to run

    A 670 may be bottlenecked a bit by a 965, 660 should be fine
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