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How do i make my gpu usage go to 99 or 100%

when i play games like company of heros (a decently intensive strata game ) it only goes to 30% usage and i only get arround 30 fps during heavy action is there a way to make it go upto 100%

i have a gtx 570, i7 2600, 8gb of ram
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    Check your resolution settings. If it's currently set at something like 1080i@30Mhz, with V-Sync set to ON, that's the reason. Set your resolution to something like 720p@60Mhz or turn off V-Sync.

    Just off the top of my head.

    -Wolf sends
  2. well thank you for replying. im set to 1080p at 60hz and sometimes i get 30 fps in games and my gpu only goes to 10% usage. and i my i7 2600 and 8gb of ram shouldn't be holding it back
  3. you can't make it to 100%
    Because the game builders have made the game programed to 30fps
    if you want to increase it the hard disk's speed may needed!
    I think the gpu usage will go up 100% but not at all the time sometimes
    Increasing resolution increases cpu usage!!
  4. What manufacturer power supply and output do you have in your system? Aside from that, I don't see anything with your system that would be limiting you to such low frames per second rates. Hardware wise, you're fine.

    -Wolf sends
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