Need expert upgrade advice pls!

Hi all:

I rushed into building my first PC about 6 months ago and, after much research, comparisons, and advice in forums, I've decided to upgrade.

Here is my current build:

P8H77-V LE
Sapphire HD 7850
8GB Ripjaws-X 1600mhz
BestValue 800W EZcool
Seagate 1TB Barracuda
Silentium T11

My question to the community is what to upgrade first. Here is my upgrade list (open to suggestion!):

(need advice on mobo): D3H/UD3H, ASrock extreme4
212 evo
Fractal Design R4

I use the PC for gaming. I want to learn how to overclock, so I've thrown in the unlocked CPU and the cooler. I am alright with the GPU for the time being, definitely going to upgrade in the future though (sli/xfire support is a must). Basically I need to upgrade my CPU/Mobo combo. And my end goal would be a stable 4.2 OC, running cool and silent (which is my goal with the sound insulated case). The fact is I messed up rushing into my first build. I want a system that ticks all the boxes for future upgrades and allows me to play around and learn the ins and outs of customisation, and I certainly don't get that with a locked i5/h77 combo. Oh, and I've done a good bit of research on the cooler and I know there are plenty other better options than the 212 evo (noctua and corsair hydros would be my upgrade after the evo). I just think the evo is a reliable and cheap cooler to start out with for OC'ing.

For budget, well I am going to spread these over time. But I suppose you get the gist with the suggestions I've made - the extreme4/ud3h range + the 3570k about 300ish on the cpu/mobo combo. If there is a good deal on a better setup for virtually the same price, then let me know. I'm in no immediate rush considering my current build works just fine at the moment.

So I am looking for your advice! Which upgrade do you think I should get first? Is there a different setup that you would recommend? What mobo would you recommend (I am really stumped on this at the moment)?


PS - I completely forgot...I am going to get into the whole SSD raid config eventually, but that's further down the road :D
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  1. I think the best option would be getting something like a 7970. You won't see any boost by getting a new cpu/mobo.
  2. Yep. Don't bother with upgrading your CPU / mobo now - there's literally going to be zero difference in 99% of games out there. I actually don't see the need to upgrade anything. (There's also no such thing as future-proofing, the corsair hydros, along with any other water cooler should be stayed away from at all costs, and SSDs are completely different from a RAID config... and no, you shouldn't buy SSDs to put in a RAID.)
  3. I suppose overclocking the CPU can wait till parts are cheaper. Though if it is feasible I wouldn't mind upgrading the GPU now if I can get a significant FPS boost. Would it be possible to OC the 7850 with my mobo? Is it better to go straight for the 7970 or, say, crossfire two 7850s? Which 7970 would you suggest?

    Also I have to disagree with you. The only water cooling that I would use is the corsair. I am a complete novice to any water cooling but that's why hydros are so genius - because they are safe and painless to use. And as for the SSD - what makes you think they are different than a raid config? That's just wrong. People buy multiple SSDs all the time to put them in raid 1 for backup or raid 0 for performance. That's pretty standard these days, especially now that they are finally making raid 0 and TRIM compatible with each other.
  4. I would go for the $380 sapphire 7970. A single card option is better, I also don't think your board can cfx
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