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I have done some searching and can't seem to find a clear answer. I have a evga 240gt that I am planning on upgrading soon but for the time being I have 2 17" older lcd monitors (not widescreen sadly) and a 24" ASUS monitor(widescreen). I know I can run 2 monitors off the video card, but can I also utilize the motherboard graphics to hook up a the third monitor?

He are my system specs if needed:
evga 240gt(stock speed, I occasionally OC via graphic card software if I am gaming.)
no name 500watt psu
4gb ddr3 ram
Quad core AMD @ 3.0GHz (stock no OC)
MSI 880GM-E43 Mobo

I don't really plan on gaming much anymore, at least til I upgrade my video card, but have two monitors at work and I didn't realize how useful multiple monitors are. I will be using these mainly for use with visual studios, email, and homework.

Is this possible or am I stuck with two monitors unless I get two video cards?
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  1. No, you can't use BOTH the card and the onboard graphics.

    Yes, you need two video cards.

    I did find a few PCI slot cards if you still have a PCI slot (not PCIe since you only have one).

    *If you only have 32-bit Windows, limit the amount of VRAM used. 256MB is more than enough to simply drive a third monitor for normal use.

    **I'm not sure how DRIVERS work with different cards. Chances are it'll work fine with your existing driver set and setup in the NVidia Control Panel but you may need to investigate if you discover it doesn't.
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