Battlefield 3??

Will i beable to play Battlefield 3 Multiplayer AT ALL?

I already ordered the parts:
Pentium g860
hd 7770 oc
8gb ram
320gb hdd

My monitor is a 1280x768 hdtv (low resolution = higher fps?)

I think ill buy it and test it and if i can't ill have to buy an i5 (hd 7770 should do fine at 720p right?)

i saw all the benchmarks and went with the g860 for extreme budget... then found out they were all singleplayer >.>
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  1. Yes it will run at that resolution no problems, and you will enjoy it :@)
  2. im pretty confident with single player... but are you sure? i thought bf3 needed a quad core to run multiplayer?
  3. You will be just fine and you should be seeing real smooth performance on Med Settings with a little AA filtering.,3063-13.html
  4. Of course, but bf3 multiplay will suffer SLIGHTLY due to the dual core cpu.
  5. @tom aren't those single player benchmarks?
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