What the hell is going on with my FPS? Help Me!

I made a thread earlier and a guy was kind of helping me, He ointed me in the direction of a format and fresh windows install. However he was only an apprentice, So i will ask again.

My current system

Asrock 970 AM3+ Extreme4
Phenom II x4 Black Edition 3.4ghz
8GB Vengeance Corsair Ram
Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC Edition.

ALL my temps are fine, My card and cpu idle at 25c and underload max at 50c

The problem i am having is frame rates. Firstly i get some split second stutter and my fps drops then goes back up to the 60fps that i usually get. I have been testing some games, Som games do it and some dont.

The other issue i seem to be getting is, I get the same FPS on ultra as i do on Medium/low.

I just played Saints row 3, I was getting 80 FPS for a while, then it went down to 55-60. After a while it dropped to 30 FPS , I turned the graphics down to high...Stayed the same, Put the graphics on medium..I gained 1 or 2 FPS.

Am i missing something here? I know i dont have the best rig around but it should handle every game out atleast on medium settings while running alot on Max settings.

Will a fresh install fix my issues?

EDIT: Could this be because im playing in full screen? My Screen rez im sure is 1600x900 and im playing in that.
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  1. First thing I would try is removing current graphic drivers and re installing the latest ones. This is almost surely a driver issue. Also make sure your motherboard bios is updated all the way. If that doesnt work you can try a total reformat and re installation of everything. If none of those choices work then maybe the gpu needs replaced, i'm out of suggestions after that.
  2. I've run into issues like this is ATI... I mean AMD cards before. If you recently updated your graphics drivers, try a previous one. I've had that issue where just certain games flaked out with the most recent ones. Just something to try.

    Also, Maybe check what processes are running in the background. If you have an Anti-virus or something of that nature running a scan while you are going, it can put a damper on your fun.

    Anther question. Is this an issue during multiplayer only or both single player as well. Sometimes a bad internet connection can do funny things on FPS when it starts to lag.

    Just some random thoughts for you.
  3. Na my connection is fine and they are mostly singeplayer games.

    I have 120MB/s download, 5MB/s upload and its stable at those speeds.
  4. wow so you have like a 1Gb/sec download speed. The fastest speeds offered in my area are from time warner cable and I only get 50Mb/sec down 5Mb/sec up
  5. Im with Virgin media here in the UK.

    How do i update my Bios btw?
  6. Anyone? Im a very big noob and i would not like to mess this up.

    The only thing i have done to my mobo or bios is the disk that came with the mobo.
  7. Go to the manufacture's website and look up ur mobo
  8. For my GPU drivers do i go to AMD or do i go to Sapphire? This is where i get confused.

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC Edition
  9. Always go directly to AMD or Nvidia. The brands do not keep up with their drivers.
  10. Directly to AMD, USe driver sweeper to completely uninstall the drivers in safe mode and reinstall
  11. Ok, I did as you said. Once i installed the drivers again i instantly loaded up Metro 2033, I never once had a stutter or fps drop whatso ever, However im only able to play on high settings as the FPS in Ultra when fighting is very low.

    Howcomes? I have no issues running anyother game maxed with high fps. I even ran BF3 Nicely.

    Must be just the game.

    Il keep you updated if that screen comes back with the grey lines. Thanks for your help.
  12. Metro 2033 is a funny game, graphically. I have similar issues running it on an OCed GTX680. I believe it was a lower budget game that made it big and was not properly optimized. It hammers the GPU, which is why it pops up on performance reviews all the time. Don't test your GPU against it, you will only get frustrated. Find the setting that works for you and just leave it there.
  13. Metro 2033, is an EXTREMELY demanding game. people can barely max it out with HD 7970 which is the fastest single card around. HD 7850 is good, but not good enough for ultra
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