What did I do wrong...?

I just got all the components to a new system! AMDXP 1700+, 256mb ddr....blah blah blah.

to the problem:
I have an Epox 8kha+ mobo w/ award 6.00pg bios, and a maxtor 40gb hd. However, everything (bios, windows, the world) seems to only see 32GB of my HD. I heard that this was a prob with award bios but seeing as mine is new I'm confused...rumor has it theres a jumper somewhere I have set wrong?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yeah, depending on the model of drive the jumper is either going to be set in the middle or furthest to the right next to the PS connection going vertical. If you have that jumper on the drive you WILL be using a Cylinder Limitation/Alternate Capacity that will limit you to 32GB.

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  2. In order to get the rest of the space, you can use Maxblast Plus to creat 2 partions of smaller sizes and link them so they appear as one partition in the OS.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. what is the partition size of your harddisk ?

    32Go or 40Go (try FDISK in dos windows)

    if it's 32Go, you did a mistake when you create the partition

    what the type of your partition ?
    FAT16 or FAT32

    i have a 40Go IBM 60GXP and 1 partition of 40Go on drive C
    and i have a award bios also

    i don't thing this is a jumper's setting problem

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