Is Antec a good PSU brand? Will it be able to support my GPU?

Im planning to buy Radeon hd 7850 and it says it requires minimum of 500w
i have Antec 550w PSU.
i heard many people say that even though it says 550w, some of PSU from a bad brand will not perform 550w.

so my question is is Antec 550w will be able to support the GPU that requires 550w?
in another word, is Antec reliable and trustworthy brand?

thx in advance
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  1. antec is a highly recommended and trustworthy brand.
  2. antec is one of psu brand that trust by many. the same goes to seasonic, fsp and corsair. there are few others more but the one i mention above is commonly mention here at toms
  3. Antec is okay, but I would go with Seasonic. Seasonic actually makes Antec's better psus. The one you have looks to be made by FSP, which from my experience is an okay manufacturer too.
  4. I'd say that 95% of the time, your Antec 550 watt PSU is more than sufficient to power your graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
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