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Hey there experts,

I have a Radeon 4890 series card that seats poorly on an asus m4A79 deluxe motherboard. My computer has been fully functional for 2-3 years now, but after shifting it around on my desk the other day, I stopped receiving any video output at all.

I cleaned the entire machine with an compressed air electronics cleaner, and re-set the card. Still no picture. After that i tested my moniter, changed HDMI cables (though I'm using a DVI-d to HDMI adapter that I'm in the process of replacing), tried using every combination on my moniter and computer, and trying a friend's graphics card without any luck. Any other ideas? Is my motherboard fried? The card still receives power, and the fans all spin. I don't have access to a smaller card to try the other GPU ports on the motherboard, to see if they work.
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  1. check all your power connector on the board and the graphic card see if you did loose anything on the cleaning you monitor test good on another system try to use dvi or rgb connector
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