What is the best GPU for me?

The GPU should allow me to play at high (or better) in BF3
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  1. whats your price range?
  2. Budget? You're missing a ton of information. But my vote goes for the 690.
  3. Maybe a hd 7870 or a GTX 660? They are similarly priced at around $230 or so, both should handle ultra settings at a playable fps so high settings should be even better

    Or get a 7850 or a gtx 560 ti which you could get for around $180-200, you save a few dollars, and you should still get some decent performance at high quality in BF3
  4. First it's not that simple we need to know certain things in order to recommend you the best card for you the info we need your full system specs. and your current monitor res and your budget thanks
  5. How much are you willing to spend? What are the technical specifications of your system?

    Please give us the details about your CPU, RAM, motherboard, power supply, games you play/want to play besides BF3, and other hardware so that we can give you a good, solid answer for your situation.

    Looking forward to helping you.
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