Tips on silencing my build?

I am in the end stages of researching my new gaming rig, although I am still unsure of some options most of my build is done being researched. One problem I am foreseeing with my build is that it may be noisy. Does anyone have any ideas on silencing my build without increasing the cost too much or impacting the performance? Thanks!

Link to my build:
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    but i think your set-up sound would be fine the way it is.
  2. You can change your case to one with build in sound damping such as the Corsair 550d, Antec P280 or Fractal Designs R4.
  3. 1+ to the Fractal Design R4, or if you really want to pull out all the stops Lian Li has some great almost silent cases with great air flow if you can pay the 200+ price tag. I suggest the R4 over a Lian Li if aluminium chassis and custom loop water cooling is not your thing or in the picture for the foreseeable future.

    Quick Edit: Just so you know gaming performance between i5 vs i7 is not significant so you would do yourself a lot better and go to liquid cooling from Corsair like H100 and slap on an i5 3570K, All unless you have a need for the i7, in the description you said gaming though so I would assume it is the primary purpose
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