Strange internet problem...

Hello all.

I have quite the head-scratcher this morning. My old wireless d-link router died two weeks ago so I decided to buy the wireless-N Monoprice router. While I was waiting for the shipment to get here, I plugged in an another old D-link router (non-wireless) which worked just fine over ethernet.

I've received the new router a week ago, but after installation, I was getting a very slow wired internet speed. My home network was working just fine but the internet was slow. I did not even screw with the wireless... I asked Monoprice about it, and after some questions, they just RMA'd it.

So yesterday I got the new unit. And, behold, same problem: slow internet over ethernet but fast network over ethernet. I've also tried the wireless (which is what I'm using right now with my second computer) and, very suprisingly, everything is going great: fast internet, fast network.

So, I'm stumped...

d-link non wireless router: fast speeds.
monoprice wireless router:
- internet over wireless: FAST
- network over wireless: FAST
- network over ethernet: FAST
- internet over ethernet: SLOW (dial-up speeds...)

Thanks for any help...

*UPDATE* I've tried some torrents and I'm getting FULL speed. I've also tried the wired ethernet on another computer (same network) and it also browses slow as hell.
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  1. Nobody?
  2. have a look at the priority setting on your router it might have a wireless priority setting (but i have never heard of a setting like this on a router before?)

    try it with a phone or another pc and see if you get the same problem and then you know if its the router or the pc playing silly buggers :p

    and try updating NIC's drivers and router firmware
  3. I have tried with my laptop's wireless; everything is good and fast. I've also, like I mentionned, tried with another computer's ethernet with no luck.

    As for the setting, I've looked and I see nothing of the sort. The drivers are fine considering that they worked with my two other routers. As for the firmware, I'll ask monoprice about it.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. Monoprice says they don't have a more recent firmware. Any other suggestions?
  5. Alright then. Thanks anyway. I guess I'll just send the router back. Thanks. :)
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