Corsair 500r Case, Side Fan Won't Plug In

I recently built my computer and everything seems to work great except I can't find a place for my Side Panel Fan. If you look up the Corsair Carbide Series 500r case you can see the rig and the large side panel fan. But the problem is that the connector is funky, it has a lip on both sides of it so I can't plug it in anywhere. I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme3 motherboard. Sorry I am not good with the computer lingo/explanation, please help I need this fan to work!!!
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  1. It's there. Try tracing the cables from the front fans back to the fan controller. From there, trace all of the cables emanating from the fan controller. You'll eventually find one that is not plugged into anything. That's the cable for the 200mm fan.
  2. Another explanation too is that the Asrock - I'm assuming it's a typical Z77 design with 3 x SYS_FAN ports - you could have used them all. What I do when that happens is you buy a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter from a place like Radio Shack (looks like this: and then run the extra case fan through your power supply.
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