AMD Catalyst 12.11 Drivers, Great performance gains!

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  1. can't wait to install these drivers, to give my 7950 a small free boost :)
  2. amuffin said:

    Woah :o
  3. I wonder how good it is for older gen.
  4. I saw 2 reviews showing massive increases in BF3 and then one showing only a few fps difference. I'm looking forward to testing tonight to see what I actually get. Supposed to be released to the public around 3PM today (don't know which time zone).
  5. Good to see. AMD may be behind Nvidia in game optimization, but when the do get to it, they do a great job. As I game (I use both brands) on an AMD card, I am excited to see the improvements.
  6. it looks like all the benefits was to BF3, Dirt and AvP...
    so if you play BF3 and most of us probably do then it's nice for 7970 runners.

    to be honest, just another fresh set of drivers nothing more.
    nVidia will be doing the same soon and then Radeon again.
    it's just a cycle.
  7. will the performance increase be available to all 7xxx series cards ? also exactly what games the increase be applcable to ? will it let me play my games at 1080p now ? checked for update but says your driver is up to date. am on 12.8
  8. 12.11 will available later of the day in forms of beta release, the WHQL ones will be at November so if u wanna install it u need to DL it manually from the support site...... :)

    But wait for a while there stil not avail yet, they try to fix some minor bug they recent found..
    also this gains only for GCN 7xxx cards...( +=77xx cards ), to bad no gain for older card... :cry:

    7870 looks more and more atractive now.... :love:
    (damn this country distributor they still sell 7870 at 350$ coverted here..... :fou: )
  9. Although my 3DMark 11 graphics score stayed the same from 12.9 to 12.10 to 12.11 on my A8-3500M APU (6620G)+6750M combo, my physics score went up over 25%! Nobody thought about them improving GPGPU performance for the non-GCN cards. ;)
  10. i just installed 12.11 from 12.8. my WEI score went from 7.4@990mhz to 7.9@920mhz. WEI doesnt mean much but ya, thought i would share my early results.
  11. my card is 6950,can boost?
  12. going in check for updates my CCC shows that 12.10 is the latest available update not 12.11.
    ok i realised that that beta version of drivers are not available to download from CCC app itself. have to go to amd site to download
    but here is my question. i have 2 options. whether to download catalyst 12.10 or 12.11 beta.
    just want to be sure that if i download 12.11 beta it doesnt mess up something coz well you know, its beta.
    so is 12.11 worth downloading for me ? what are the cons of downloading a beta version . will it have bugs ?
  13. All driver could had bug if it in certain situation....
    beta as it name it's beta it could be more prone to bugs, but it offer some feature much ahead (sooner) than regular ones.

    Me personally will try it even if no gains for my card...
  14. punk100 said:
    my card is 6950,can boost?

  15. Largest gains ever seen according to some, accross the board
  16. amuffin said:

    its a driver for 6000 series too. boosted the crap out of my 6950
  17. neon neophyte said:
    its a driver for 6000 series too. boosted the crap out of my 6950

    I've gotten across the board gains for my 6990 as well. Esp on the combined test on 3DMark11.

    Largest gains ever seen according to some, accross the board

    No doubt, Bravo AMD! [:russk1]

    Now to see a Tom's review.

    **Quite a few reviews and they are all good**
  18. ya really. way to go amd. now THATS magic.
  19. performance gains with 12.10 or 12.11 beta ? which one should i download ? am on 12.8 currently. i have a 7750.
  20. 12.11 [...] river.aspx
  21. NVIDIA Releases the Performance-Boosting GeForce 310.33 Beta Driver

    told ya it was coming.
    it's a never-ending cycle.
  22. ^ +1

    Soo true...
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