I regret buying a mac...

So basically, I got this mac when i was 14... its a white macbook, got it from my parents for christmas... I regret thinking it was the greatest thing ever, now im 19 and im like.. really? 1500 for this? Don't get me wrong its a good machine but.. i checked the prices of dells and alienware laptops from back then and its like the same price if not .. cheaper. So, once this dies out in a year or so.. since the fan is constantly goin crazy when im watching youtube videos, I think I want to get a good pc laptop, but I want to install linux on it, my first experience with linux goes back to 5 yrs ago, my brother owned a really cool custom water cooled pc, which he had linux installed on and he had all these great games and had everything running so smoothly, while on mac ill be running firefox and itunes or word and the beach ball shows up. So my question is where do I start?
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  1. This isn't necessarily the best area to ask questions on laptops. The Laptop Forum would probably be better.

    However, I have an Asus G73, which still games very well, and it has never over-heated. It is a very nice gaming laptop, so I would look at the Asus series. I believe that they are on the G75 now, which are also very nice. My friend has one.

    Hope this helps.
  2. don't even bother looking now if it's going to last another year - new, faster more powerful processors and systems will be out in the next quarter that are even newer technology than what's available today.
  3. Yeah, i think if you can afford to wait, always do.
    On a side note, Linux is amazing, but very complex as far as i know.

    I mean, in terms of dificulty, from easiest to hardest:

    This also means linus is the most customizable from all of them, and Apple least.
    Personally i didnt try Linux, but some of my friends who are programes tell me its jsut too time consuming for them.

    OFC this is 100% personal opinion, just adding mine >D.

    Now... about laptops:
    Since you have some time before your buy, i STRONGLY suggest you get as much information as you can during that time.

    I would start here:


    I recommend you find 4-5 models you like from diffrent brands and try to locate reviews on them on that page (google that), then compare the information you find.

    I can recommend MSI as a decent brand for hi-end Laptops, thou i suggest going for the 17 inch models or 15 inch with less powerfull componenets to minimize heat, and extend lifetime.

    If you dont want a gaming laptop however, You might be tempted for an ULTRAbook.
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