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Hi, I have a question for you experts.

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive graphics card (under $200) that will run GTA IV smoothly on my current setup.

Here is my rig... (I will of course be replacing my current graphics card)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @2.33Ghz

8GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM (I think the frequency is correct)

AMD Sapphire Radeon HD5450 (Yes, I know, I know... >.< LOL)

Currently I get an average 15-20FPS on the lowest settings. Barely playable... but after about 45 mins I've had enough.

I'd like to run GTA IV on my PC (Current rig) and getting a consistant 30-40+ FPS.

You guys know any low profile Graphics card to do so? Keep in mind I'm in of course, a low profile case. To be exact, a Gateway SX2800. So there isn't much room for clearance. Worse comes to worse, I will literally cut a whole or section out of the PC tower. But I'd rather not.
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  1. The only real option is a low profile 7750 if your PSU can handle the extra 35 Watts.

    That being said GTA IV is horribly coded and runs like a pig in general.
  2. Would would you say about the 6670?
  3. I'd suggest this one
  4. 650ti.
  5. question: what is the most powerful low profile card. answer: without question, it is this

    it is by no means cheap, or widely available. you would have to order it from the brits for a hefty 300 pounds.
  6. Go for Hd 6750 1gb ddr5 graphics card.

    It will run all your games smoothly.
  7. Ati Radeon HD 6670 1GB ddr5
  8. 7750 in my suggestion
  9. But will the 3.0 PCI Express on the 7750 work on my Gateway SX2800?
  10. RagingNinja said:
    But will the 3.0 PCI Express on the 7750 work on my Gateway SX2800?

    as long as you have pci-e 2.0 or better you are fine. works 100 percent
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