100$ left: SSD vs new CPU vs. new GPU

I budgeted myself for a $1000 gaming computer, after getting everything that I need I have 100 dollars left. I have heard a lot about SSDs but are they really worth it, considering the steep price?

So I'm trying to decide between upgrading my i3-2100 Sandy Bridge to an i5-3570k, buying an SSD or upgrading a Radeon 7870 to a 7950(or another graphics card)
Its hard to choose because the SSDs seem ridiculous when it comes to price per gig. I doubt the upgrade to the i5 will perform twice as well, since it is twice the price, and I feel like I am already spending too much on a graphics card.

I have another question as well. If I decided to buy another card to work in crossfire with my current one in the future, will it make a noticeable difference if I put the newer card in a PCI 2.0 while the other one is in a 3.0 slot
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  1. wtf? how are you reaching $900 with an i3-2100, a 7870, and no ssd? This build should cost like $500-600

    But id go for the i5-3570k because you will run into some games that will get bottle necked by your cpu. SSD's only affect load time so its not a necessity.

    And for the cross fire, it won't affect performance if both slots are running pci-e 16x. But if it goes down to 4x with crossfire, then you might lose around 10% in performance, but not much.

    If you want better advice. You should post the full specs of your build.
  2. I honestly have no idea, I started changing stuff around and then "Woah!" I have a 115$ monitor included into the build and I fell in love with a HAF X Blue edition that will run me at around 140$ I think that is what did me in.
    Thank you for the input
  3. i'd prioritize on that CPU. depending on the motherboard you're getting, get an i5-3450 or the 3570K.

    case choice is highly subjective, but considering your limited budget, i highly recommend you re-think your choice on whether you're looking for performance or looks.

    seriously, your case cost more than your initial CPU choice.


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