Heat being an issue: 7970ghz or 680 superclocked+ ?

So I am looking to build my first machine in over 8 years. Keeping up with modern pc tech has been a small neckbeardish nightmare. I am looking at building a tower with a solid 200$+ asus mobo. I do not over clock as I find attaching gigantic heavy heat sinks to my very expensive motherboard and cpu to be a rather poor decision. Cost is not much of an issue here, although I am keeping my video card under 500$.

I am going to be going with an i7 3770k, I am aware it is the same speed for games, but I likely will be doing video editing/trans coding down the line. I will also be getting some sort of fairly fast SSD for the primary drive, probably a plextor or samsung. I am going to likely go with a corsair quiet mid tower case the 550d which is not known for super awesome airflow, because its meant to be quiet.

I don't want a case with lots of silly lights and windows and a gazillion fans, etc. So with that being said, I am looking at getting a single card solution for my video gaming and editing needs. Heat will be an issue in a case like this, and I have been split between the power hungry and clearly hotter 7970 ghz edition, or the comparably priced 680 superclocked+.

My understanding is the 680 is a rear exhaust video card and also draw less power, and would be more suited for my kind of situation, is that in fact the case? Also if there are models of the ghz edition that are rear exhaust and won't cause any heating issues, what would those models be? Thanks
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  1. I am going to stick with stock cooling honestly, I am not into modding stuff too much and prefer using stock stuff generally. I am just going to be using stock stuff on the cpu, case, and the video card.
  2. *bump* anyone?
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