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This is my first message on here. I have built a low end PC. I am going to sell it to a nephew who wants to plag games so I installed a graphics card. (ASUS hd 6670 2GB). Windows 7 starts fine and the PC works until you try playing a game then screen goes black and I have to restart PC to get out of the black screen.

Could anyone help?

Spec: Asrock N68C-S UCC motherboard, 4GB ram, 500w power supply. AMD sempron unlocked to dual core processor. 500GB WB hard drive.
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  1. The reason may be the power supply.
    500 watts seems enough to handle the HD 6670.
    but if you are using a cheap power supply than this can be a problem.
    whats your power supply brand?
    Cheap PSU does not deliver the power that is mentioned on them.
    I had the same problem earlier with HD 6850 and a cheap power supply.While playing games all of the sudden the PC froze and i had to reboot.Then i changed the power supply and got the branded one and the problem was solved.

    I think this can be the problem....
  2. Power supply is CIT 500w, I will try another ps and get back to you. I dont think thats it but we will see.
  3. ok let me know after using another power supply...
  4. I have solved the issue. Its funny and sad cus I spent a lot of time trying to sort this. I dont game on my PC which was the main problem. The first game I tried for my nephew needed a lower screen res. The second game was an older one made for windows XP era so that didnt work and I still carnt. But the third game worked fine because it cud run with a high screen res.

    I was using a HDMI cable so res wouldn't go below 1200x900 roughly. When the third game worked I went back to the first game, I needed the VGA cable instead so the res could be lowered to 1080x720 roughly, the game works fine.

    Thanks a lot for trying.
  5. good to see, you sorted out the problem...cheerssss
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