How pinacle pctv stereo tv tuner works in window 7

hi sir i purchased pinnacle pctv stereo tv tunner (100i) v 5.9 few years back. it works very good on xp operating system but now i installed window 7 32 bit . installation failed and message urs operating system does not please help me... from where i download free another driver which will adopt same key which i got with this software.
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  1. Does it appear in Device Manager as an unknown device?

    If it's not an unknown device, there's a chance Windows 7 has already recognized it. In this case you won't need to install a driver. You'll just need a TV software to use it, e.g. Windows Media Center, or ChrisTV, or some other.

    If it's an unknown device, you could give a try to the Vista driver available from here (the "Yes" word is a download link):
  2. If I recall correctly, for $10 or so you may purchase Win7 drivers.

    Nice product support from Pinnacle, eh?
  3. meh, I've done this before.
    You have to use Vista 32 bit drivers on it. It will work.
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