Cannot install win 8 on SSD

Hi all, Got a problem I have seen a lot of other people have but I can't seen to get around it.
When I get to the install stage of the SSD I get
Windows Can't be installed on this drive.
Windows cannot be installed onto this Disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the Computer's BIOS menu
I have set the BIOS to AHCI
Formatted the drive.
DiskPart the drive
Swapped Sata ports.
I have a live OS running on my other SSD. Even when I select that in the choice to format in set up it comes up with the same problem.
Must be the BIOS.
ASROCK Z68 Extreme4
Both SSD's have had an OS on them already and running for some time.
I am at ARGGGGGGG stage.
Any pointers or help would be most appreciated. Thanks Scott
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  1. Windows 8 Beta?

    Start Windows 7 installation
    - Remove “old” Windows partition
    - Create new partition
    - Format the partition using Windows 7 Setup
    - Cancel Windows 7 Setup
    - Start Windows 8 installation
    - Install Windows 8

    good luck
  2. cheers. will give it a go. Thanks
  3. OK. Was all to do with the UEFI and booting. Fund the answer here.
    Hope that helps anyone else. Not too much info around on this subject
  4. wow nice catch :)
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