Just installed new cable modem/router. Now have problems with Utorrent


Cable guy was just here to upgrade my 4 year old modem to a new one. I now have problems when I open utorrent and try to surf the web at the same time. Though utorrent is downloading and connected to the internet, all of a sudden I can't surf the web anymore. I keep getting "This connection has timed out" errors on the webpage. The other weird thing is that I can surf the web on my laptop that is connected to the same modem wireless. So the effects of running utorrent is only felt on the computer it is running on. Keep in mind that everything worked fine before with my old modem.

Any ideas on what is wrong? I am thinking it has something to do with the settings in the modem, but haven't been able to figure it out.
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  1. Did you setup Utorrent to limit the upload bandwidth ? -- If not and you just left it set to unlimited it will saturate the upload limit of your connection and thus you will wind up timing out like you are when trying to use some other program at the same time --- Go into Utorrents setup options and adjust the Upload limit to around 70-80% of the actual upload speed of your connection --- this means it will only upload up to that speed and will leave some overhead for using a browser etc. at the same time. (Note : Doing this will also help you get better download speeds since it leaves the needed overhead for the communication between your system and those you are downloading from so you maintain connections instead of constantly dropping them.)
  2. JD, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, that isn't the problem. I usually cap the ul bandwidth for the reasons you mentioned, but in this case even if I turn it totally off and limit the DL speeds as well, there is still something that blocks surfing the web when I have utorrent open and DLing. This goes for both IE and Firefox.
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