SCSI 'target status' error

Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI Select's SCSI Disk Utilities | Verify Disk Media option shows "Unexpected SCSI command failure" error:
Target Status: 02h - Check condition

during the install of a Seagate ST 336737 LW as the only device on the cable.

Cable end is properly terminated.
Terminator power is from SCSI bus.

Does anyone know what the error means?

Thanks for any help.

Larry Mehl
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  1. It usually means there's something wrong with the drive. Have you ran any of Seagate's own diagnostics on the drive?

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  2. The Adaptec model 2940UW is High Voltage Differential (HVD) and the (LW) suffix on the Seagate HDD you have connected indicates that this specific drive is Low Voltage Differential (LVD). You should never mix the different technologies. You should be using the 2940 U2W Controller. The flex cable wiring is different between the two. HVD uses single signaling, and LVD uses twisted pair signaling.

    Here is some <A HREF="" target="_new">info</A> which may be helpful. Hope this helps.

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  3. JC14All is right.

    i suggest to stay away from HVD devices such as your Adapter, it is to be avoided in most peoples opinions. Not compatible with any other scsi devices(power wise)that are more the main stream and are backwards compatible with most other modern scsi devices. Reason why HVD is outcast is they require a big power supply which makes them undesirable and fatal to all other devices, was an atempt at something different that really was a white elephant in the end.

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  4. Folks --

    Thanks to all who responded.

    Seagate tech support said the codes re: Sense Key, Sense Code, Sense Code Qualifier indicated noise on the bus.

    He told me to change Wide Negotiation in SCSI Select to No from Yes. It worked, so that I can now format the drive an get on with things.

    He suggested I buy a new cable.

    Can any of you relate to the 'noisy bus' diagnosis?

    Larry Mehl
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