Amd 6570 on a 220w psu?

I am currently looking to upgrade my slimline pc to get better performance in video games.

I have an AMD II X2 255 (TDP 65w)

4gb of ram

1TB hdd

and no case fans

and my 220w psu

I was wondering if my psu would allow me to add this 6570 to increase performance?

I have done research and it seems that the TDP of the 6570 ddr3 is 44w

i was wondering if you all think it would work.
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  1. I have an HD 6670 and it runs perfectly on my 350 watt power supply, I think it will run on your PC but it will definitely bottleneck the card!

    The rest of your specs seem fine, try getting yourself a 350 watt or a 400 watt power supply ;)
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