Issues Downloading on Wireless Network on only 1 laptop

My laptop has been unable to download anything via my wireless network. Whenever I attempt to download a steam game for example, it will start downloading and after 5-10 seconds the internet will drop out.

The wireless connection is still maintained, but the internet is not available. It is fixed by cycling the router, however this is very painful as to download 100 mb of data, it may take 20-50 cycles.

Other computers in my household can download from steam fine.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Additional Information:
I run a Windows 7 laptop and the router is a Netgear WGT624. It is about 6-7 years old, but
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  1. Get a new router.
  2. Seeing as the current router works perfectly fine on my other laptops, that does not seem like an option I will take unless someone can explain the reasoning.
  3. OK, borrow another router and see if it solves the problem.
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