Crossfire question is my mobo rdy?

Ok i have the p8p67 LE mobo and i would like to add 2x 7770 in crossfire, and i now that my mobo is cf rdy but the 2nd pci express lane its 4x not 16x , im i going to have problem with the transfer speeds or something , please help.
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  1. Yh I think you will x4 is alot worse and could hold your gpu back
  2. If you go into crossfire mode, both cards will be working at 4x.
    Yes, you can run it if your power supply can handle it, you want at least 450-500 watts
  3. When you add the second card the first will still be running at x16 but the second will only be running at x4 because it shares resources with quite a few other things. x8 is usually the minimum recommended to run a CrossFire setup.
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    wrong. as you can see, the x4 bandwidth limitations are not that extreme.,2887-10.html

    average difference was 10% between 16x/4x and 8x/8x
  5. my psu can handle it i have a 600 watts coolermaster silent pro M, im praying that 4x can work
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  7. WOW!

    That is all I can say to you festerovic. You failed to do anything but take the words of TH out of context.

    Please read the entire following passage from the NEXT PAGE OF THE ARTICLE that you linked to.

    "Tom’s Hardware readers often rely on each other to provide the best technical advice, and the advisor offering the most technically-detailed description often gets the nod (hey, if it sounds fancy, it's more likely to be right, right?). Unfortunately, we often see well-meaning enthusiasts leading less-experienced readers astray. Case in point: we have one pervasive poster who offers exceptionally-detailed explanations of why Nvidia graphics cards need no more than four lanes of PCIe 2.0 bandwidth, citing something about internal PCIe to PCI-X conversion. We've also seen presumed experts tell curious gamers that AMD relies so heavily on its CrossFire bridge that a four-lane slot is ideal for hosting a second card. Today’s test results prove both suggestions completely wrong. We’re hoping that today’s article will be the impetus other advice-givers need to chime-in when the community calls for suggestions on how to best configure multi-card configurations."

    I know that you mean well but it doesn't help anyone to give incorrect advice.

    Yes, you may be able to sqweek by with a x4 PCIe slot now but the performance issues are only going to get worse in the future. And intro9rod I know you were hoping to hear that you could get by with a x4 slot but that is just not the case. You will be making 2 bad choices, one to crossfire 7770 cards and 2 to use a x4 PCIe slot to do it.
  8. I did read the article, all the way to the end. I disagree with the conclusion, as the benchmarks are telling me otherwise.

    OP asked if there would be a problem with 16x/4x config, not if it was the best. I do not consider 10-20% lost performance to be in the "problem" category on a product that at best scales 80% with another card added. He already knows it's not the best set up. And I'm not questioning why he chose 2 x7770 when a single card would work better. Maybe he got 2 of them for free. Is there performance lost? Yes. Will the end result suck? No.
  9. I will respect your opinion but I do not agree that getting 70% (at best) of the performance of a product as an acceptable outcome.

    I would say that it would be more worthwhile to sink the money into a new mobo or CPU.
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