My new custom pc

I was wondering if this all formed together well.

Proccessor: i7 3770k
Graphics: msi gtx 680 Lightning
MOBO: Msi z77A-gd65
ram: G.skill sniper 8 gb
Case: NZXT phantom full tower atx
128gb SSD Samsung 830
CPU cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9500A-LED 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler
corsair 750W PSU
and some random thermal paste
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  1. looks good to me. Dont use random thermal paste though. Get something like Artic cooling mx-2. Only $6 for 2 tubes w/ fs

    it will lower temps by a few degrees.

    However if you are only using this for gaming, get the i5 3570k. Almost the same performance for a lot less.
  2. What do you plan to do with it? Please fill this out so we can help you better. *How to Ask for New Build or Upgrade Advice*
  3. if this is for gaming (im assuming it is, seeing a gtx680), you can swap the i7 for an i5-3570k. the i7 doesn't perform any better in gaming, and the i5 will OC well. with the difference in price, you could get a larger SSD, if needed.
  4. I'd get a 7970 with free games instead of a 680. If you plan to do a lot of BF3, it apparently does do well with a 3770K (but it's a minority - if there's a desire to save a little money agree with 3570K).
  5. Thank you all for the replies.
    I'm just a typical hardcore gamer, running a 2 ms 1080p 24" monitor.
    I read a lot into the i5, but the reason i wanted a i7 is because in the future, I could imagine myself making videos running streams on dual monitors, and I just wanted an i7 to basically "future proof" my first custom built pc.

    Maybe in a couple of months i could imagine myself running dual gpu's and maybe even dual monitors.

    Other info i forgot to put in. Windows 7 Pro
    I might be overclocking once i learn how to, (my last pc was a cheap laptop running all my favorite games (Farcry 3, starcraft 2, dota 2, etc on extreme low).
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  7. There's no such thing as future proofing, and even if you're doing all that, the i5 will be MORE than enough.

    I recommend going with a 670. The 680 is $100 more and only 5% better - dual 670s will max out basically any game on THREE monitors. A single one will be more than plenty for your monitor.
  8. Fine... Ill get the i5 I just don't understand going for a lower end cpu when 100$ doesn't make a difference in my budget.
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    If you have the $100 with no other use for it (and you don't want to send it to me) then go ahead with the 3770K :) If it makes you happy then it's worth it.
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  11. ok (: thank you all.
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