Horizontal lines 7850 (White lines)

Hi guys.

First of all.... My screen is a LG FLATRON L1715S (old...) with VGA only, so I'm using the adapter that came with the graphic card (VGA to DVI).

When I'm playing games with me new hd7850 I get some white horizontal lines (very clearly) on the screen.

Then I found a "solution". I discovered that when I play games at 300+ FPS I can see some very cleary horizontal lines on the screen. First I tried change my drivers and that didn't solve. So I tried other adapter and that didn't solve....

The solution is to limit the FPS at 60 or 100. But in some games I have this problem even at 60fps (Ghost Recon Future Soldier).

I only have this problem when playing games... When surfing the web or on the desktop I don't have any problem.

So I decided to make a simple test, I connected my 7850 on my 32' TV with a HDMI cable and the problem dissapears like magic.

Is this normal or not? It's a graphics card problem?
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  1. Is it properly set to 1280 x 1024 @ 60/75 Hz? And try a different vga cable. And by the way: more then 60 FPS is useless for a 60Hz monitor.
  2. Yes it's at 1280x1024 @ 75Hz. I know that... I only want to know if it's normal.
  3. The monitor is prly too old. that resolution is sooo low. play on the TV or get a new monitor...
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