Red cpu led asus motherboard

I've just bought a brand new computer. second time putting one together myself.

Asus M5A99X EVO
Sapphire HD Radeon 7870
AMD FX8120 3.1ghz
Corsair hydro H100
CM Strom trooper

I'm getting a red-light on my mobo as well, tried pulling it apart several times and attempted the breadboard as well. but didn't get any sound-notification from the speaker that came with the case. Also I get no reaction on booting visually, fans run normally, as well as the graphics-card's fans. They also slow down after the initial startup. but no bios-screen no nothing.

Thanks in advance for replies
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  1. Hi,
    There's a sticker on the motherboard, near the 24-pin connector I think. The last separated 4 digts stand for the board's BIOS version. Can you check it, as the CPU requires the 0813 or newer one.
  2. I'm thinking you probably need a BIOS version update because it's not recognizing that particular CPU. Get ahold of a Phenom II cpu and see if it boots up. If it does update bios to the current version from asus website. Then reinstall the FX-8120 CPU.

    BTW why do you need a 1000W PSU. That system could run fine on a 500W.
  3. The last 4 digits are 1208
    I don't really have a way of getting my hands on a Phenom 2 since my last system was intel. Is there any other way to to this?

    As for the 1000W PSU question, because I got it cheaply, and was planning on putting a second card in for SLI eventually.
  4. If not, would an AMD Sempron 145 Processor work as well? Since I might be able to get my hands on one of those.
  5. The BIOS supports the CPU, so the issue is not there. I would test the board outside the case, having only the CPU and CPU fan installed. You should get the error beeps signaling that no RAMs are installed.
  6. I am not getting any beeping whatsoever since the speaker doesn't seem to work either.
  7. Some thoughts:
    - a power issue, but you said that the CPU fan did spin?
    - the speaker doesn't work (can you test it in a different PC?) or is not properly connected.
    -faulty motherboard (RMA?).
  8. All fans are spinning, including the cpu fan, as well as the GPU-fans
    The speaker doesn't work on the current board, it is connected according to the manual. and my old board had one built-in, so don't have a way of testing it.
    As for the motherboard. I don't know, would I send it to ASUS for a new one, or the retailer of which I bought it.
  9. WOHO! Success! to a certain degree anyway. Turns out I had fastened the screws for the cooler-mount too hard. can get into bios just fine now.
    Now I bumped into another issue. I get to the windows 7 startup-screen, I've got 2 drives with 32-bit on one of them, and 64 on the other.
    On both instances, once it loads for 2-4 seconds, the screen loses signal, and reboots.
  10. Check the SATA setting in BIOS. If AHCI, switch to IDE. If still the same, try an OS repair from the Windows install DVD.
  11. the 64-bit is a fresh install. besides, both of them wouldn't be corrupted if they're on different drives would they?
    I changed the SATA-settings but still no luck
  12. Might add that the freeze+reboot happens at the exact same moment in the windows 7 launch animation. on both instances
  13. Windows was installed on a different configuration and that's probably why. Do you have the Windows DVD?
  14. I do not :( I do have a windows xp 32-bit disc. but nothing else.
  15. In the end you can slipstream the SATA driver and the SP3 using nLite and install the XP.
    Try starting Windows in Safe mode (use F8 for bringing the menu - See if it does work.
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