Question on a GPU's power supply

Im trying to get Radeon HD 7850 :

and the System Requirement says i need "Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply."

Does that mean i have to feed 500w just for the GPU, or does that mean i just need a PSU that has minimum of 500w?

i asked different people and i got different answers...
someone told me that GPU is going to take 500w, and CPU,Fans,Hard drive will take about 300~400w, so i need like 700~800w PSU

other guy told me that i just need a minimum of 500w PSU..

which one is correct?

I have Antec 550w and it's "80 Plus Certified"
does that mean i output only 80% of the 550w?
will my PSU be okay with the HD 7850?
i have:
8GB Ram
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  1. The "other guy" is correct, you want a 500 watt supply.
  2. You will be fine with that power supply.
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