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I am building a new computer. The specs are i-7 Ivy Bridge 3770k, 16 gigs of ram, Asus Maximus V Extreme LGA1155.

Currently I play Skyrim, Torchlight 2, and Metro 2033. The highest I would like to spend is $350.00.

I had been leaning toward the 7870 series however I also like the 7950.

These are the 3 cards I have narrowed down that I like.

XFX 7870-

Sapphire 7950-

HIS 7950 -

Here is where I am having a bit of trouble in my decision. I very rarely play games in max resolution.
So I guess my question is should I really spend the extra on the 7950 if I am not running my games at max resolution or doesn't it really matter since I will get more fps with the higher card anyway.
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  1. the 7950 is a great addition to that build but if i may suggest and you could go $25 over your budget you will not find a better card for a better price than that right there unless there is some crazy deal going on
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    If you can afford a 7950 then go with it and further futureproof your build... 2013 games are said to be heavy on graphics like the incoming Crysis 3..
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I was really on the fence on this, but you really made a good point.
  4. Like I always say, check the benchmarks of the games you play and get the fastest single card you can afford no matter who makes it. In the end, that will make you the happiest.

    With Cat 12.11, I think the 7950 is a no brainer =) Check out those benchmarks, even in BF3 7970ghz will outperform the 680! Also FREE GAMES!!!

    BTW I think the 7950 HIS is your best bet. That cooler is amazing, just google the reviews!
  6. I would go for the Sapphire HD 7950 if you can I have it and it is a great card.
    For AMD based GPU's I feel Sapphire makes the best cards you can get.
  7. I ended up buying the Sapphire 7950 this morning as New Egg had it on sale. Thank you to everyone for your input.
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  9. In general for gaming, go with the best GPU you can buy, and support it with a processor that won't hold it back. Your i7 3770K is a superb processor and will keep up to any graphics card option that's out now.

    If you haven't got the motherboard yet and for up to 2 video cards, I'd go with the Maximus V GENE board and put the $200 savings towards a better graphics card - HD 7800 or up. Then you'll have a 3rd generation system from cpu through to PCIe 3.0 on the card.
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