Does my GPU bottleneck my CPU?

So I have an AMD FX 8150 Eight core at 3.61 GHz CPU (never runs above 50 percent capacity). and 32 GB of RAM at 1600MHz. And I have two AMD Radeon HD 7770 series (ghost thermal version) running in crossfire mode. when I play BF3, I can play it on medium at more than 60 frames per sec. however, when I go to high or ultra settings, the frame rate slows to about 40. my question is: are my GPU's bottlenecking my CPU? should I invest in a higher end graphics card?
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  1. try ocing your cpu first and see the performance. what is your resolution? can you mention the games that you play?
  2. The 7770 is a low end gaming GPU so even with 2 of them it is likely that this is the "bottleneck". Try with an overclocked CPU, then the GPU, then both. That will be the best test.
  3. well, the FX comes pre overclocked and I have both those overdrive settings on my GPU's ticked to on. I run my pc at 1400x900 res. Usually I take my games down to 1280x something. I play starcraft 2 max with no slow down, borderlands 2 with frame rate drops in big areas. planetside 2 I play on lowest settings and I get 40FPS (but that game is still in beta and needs optimization). and BF3 on medium and its flawless. however, any higher settings and the fram rate drops to 40FPS or so. I really don't want to overclock my CPU. its just not something I want to risk. I geuss I will have to put in $1000 bucks and get Nvidia...
  4. If you are sure you want to upgrade then have a look at the 670 or 7950. You won't have to spend $1000. If you can accept your current performance then wait for the 8000 series.
  5. but I want max graphics with high performance so I should just get a nice one. whats the 8000 series?
  6. If you want max settings in BF3, you're going to have to get a much higher end GPU.

    Right now the best you can do is overclock your CPU to around 4ghz.
  7. how will that make a difference if my CPU is getting bottlenecked. or does it not work like that?
  8. Well, overclocking your CPU may yet help although I think it is your GPU which is letting you down.

    The 8000 series are the next generation of graphics card from AMD. If you can't wait that long, a 670 or a 7950 should be able to max out BF3, especially on your resolution. SLI/Crossfire with them would be awesome overkill.
  9. Your currant problem is your GPU but if go with anything stronger than a single gtx 670 or single HD 7970 you will have a cpu bottleneck.
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