I have a crossfired 7870, but only one of the cards gets voltage, and the other

I recently purchased two 7870s twinfrozrs to crossfire. I'm pretty sure my setup is correct, but how come only one of my cards are working? Only one of my cards have the fan spinning, the bottom card does not.
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  1. What psu do you have?
  2. that's the new power saving feature on the hd7000 series. When a xfire setup is idling the 2nd card is completely powered off. It should wake up the moment you launch a game.
  3. I have a gold series 750W corsair, but when I launch a game the 2nd card is still unpowered. Could it be because the one card is enough to handle the game and the 2nd card need not turn on?

    But also I ran a GFX test off of Furmark and the 2nd card still didn't turn on.

    I had some help from a friend in which he "Confused" my computer into turning on the 2nd gpu and now it does work alongside my 1st gpu. However, when I update the drivers, I find that it happens again, my 2nd gpu doesn't turn on, so I system restored and haven't updated my drivers at all :(.
  4. Also, I did notice that even with the two cards crossfired, when my friend did his "confusion thing" my fps isn't all that high in many games such as GW2, LoL, BF3, I am only getting what the one card gave me which was a flux 45-60 on all ultra settings.

    Could it be that when he did his "Confusion thing" it really only just turns it on and the 2nd card does nothing?

    Should I just install the new drivers and leave the cards alone? Maybe it only happened because the cards starting off never had a driver update. I am currently still using the first drivers it came with and possibly the newer drivers have fixed that issue? Or maybe there was no issue at all?
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