nec multisync 1765

i was at best buy last night and i saw a new lcd monitor from nec. i'm looking at an lcd monitor and i am wondering what you thing of the technical specs of it good/bad? price is about $550 w/no speakers (thankfully) or usb/firewire on the base (errr).

LCD Module:

17-inch (17.0" viewable image size), active
matrix, thin film transistor (TFT), liquid
crystal display (LCD), 0.264 mm dot pitch,
225 cd/m2 white luminance - typical,
400:1 contrast ratio - typical,
16ms response time - typical

will be used for medium gaming (tron 2.0 & diablo 2)
video card is an ati 128mb 9500 pro

thanks in advance
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  1. Cut and copy the link below. Couldnt find one called 1765, but the 1760 is selling for $150 less if you go to pricegrabber. There is a review of this monitor (Nec MultiSync 1760V) on this web site multisync/ut=18c4ff2f51191d11
  2. I too was in Best Buy recently and saw one of these monitors. While the specs seem fairly typical, I must say that this monitor seemed to have the best picture (to my eye, anyway). Did you notice any difference in picture quality compared to the other monitors they had out?
  3. my best friend and i both liked the monitor but i also realise that since i didn't see the monitor last week when i was there it coudn't have been more than a week old. while the other monitors could have been there a while and who knows how many people fiddled with them.

    but yes i thought the image vs the others was fantastic.
  4. I did some of my own fiddling while I was there, basically running several monitors that I was considering through whatever automatic configurations they had. Even still, the NEC was best when I was done. Can't argue the age issue, though. Don't know how much that affects picture quality, save for giving people more time to mess with settings, meaning I might have missed some. I'm rather tempted to go pick one up and compare it to my CRT (since my video card has dual-monitor support).
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