Who to hook up a linksys to a ATT wireless network

I can see at out there as available network, but when you connect to it, it will not hit the internet?
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  1. What is the linksys model...is it an access point or router? Is the linksys an approved router for the given network?
  2. It"s a access point wireless Route. As far as approved I don't? I show as an avaiable network on my cell, but when you try to connect to it, it connect but you can not open anything on the intermet.
  3. A WAP (wireless access point) or AP is usually an "unmanaged" device that bridges the wireless/wired connectivity between the modem and the devices accessing the internet. If this AP/WAP is right out of the box there is typically no issue as it is plug and play. The down side is that anyone can connect to it, like HotSpot. You could have a firewall on the modem or the MAC/devise address needs to recorded in order to connect.

    If you look on thr bottom of the AP/router/moden you should see a model number...what is it?
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