Upgrading the video card on my gateway laptop e-295c (c-140x)

I have a gateway c-140x (better known as e-295c) that I am going to take apart in order to repair the power socket which is starting to fail. Since I will have it apart I would like to upgrade the video card to something better. I've been looking into this but have no idea what is compatible with my system.

Obviously I am not trying to spend a lot on a video card for a laptop that costs under $200 bucks on ebay. But I like the laptop and would love to upgrade everything. In the end the laptop will have 4gb ram, 750 gb hard drive. Hopefully you guys can help me find a vid card that doesn't slow down a laptop with those specs.
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  1. Just read how to ask for help on this topic and realized that I did not include these details.

    I purchased this laptop in 2007.
    I use it for regular office work, streaming movies, photoshop work and browsing the internet.
    current graphics card is a built in intel gmx x3100 dynamic video memory tech 4.0
    cpu is Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 / 1.5 GHz ( Dual-Core ) I think i may upgrade this to a 2.5 ghz processor too.
    screen resolution 1280 x 768

  2. The video card isn't really upgradable . The only upgrade option would be to replace the motherboard with the board that shipped with the ATI x2300 which isn't that great of a card only a bit better than theintel and IMHO no where near worth the time and money to install it.
  3. ^ As bignastyid said there is really no upgrade path for the GPU on that laptop. The GPU is most likely not even in a socket so no way to upgrade it anyway. There are only a few high end gaming laptops that even allow upgrading the GPU that I know of.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.
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