Not Detecting Graphics Card only Onboard Graphics

Hi, I bought a HD7750 and plugged i into my motherboard and started up my computer. The color scheme for the taskbar has changed and the screen is in low res. I went online to the AMD website and made it auto detect driver updates, but the only updates it would find is the drivers for my onboard graphics: ATI HD3000. When my monitor is plugged into the Card it boots perfectly and looks fine except for the problems stated above. Is this a driver problem or a hardware problem Help?

This is the card:
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  1. you should be able to go into your bios and disable your onboard graphics. Also what pci-e slot did you plug your new card into. sometimes there are 2 to 3 but only one will run at proper bandwidth (usually x16).
  2. Rather than use the autodetect feature, select the correct driver from the list and install it manually.
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