Graphics cards for a 180w PSU?

I recently bought a PC i was told would run most games, not knowing too much about PC gaming i took the guy at his word. He didnt so much as lie to me as it does run games like Alan wake and Fallout 3 but only on low settings and if i turn on anything like the grass in fallout it is pretty unplayable.

I want to upgrade my card if possible so something that will let me run the games on high if possible but my issues are budget and power supply wattage is low.

My PC spec is
intel core i3 2120
4bg ram
600gb HD
A crappy 64 mb dedicated intel R HD onboard graphics (which really seems to suck)
And my power supply is a Huntkey hk280-86 fp which to my knowledge is pumping out a HUGE 180w :(

I really only want to spend about £80 roughly is possible as ive just had to pay for the PC and im a bit broke right now

If anyone could offer any suggestions that would be great
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  1. Try to give some more specs about your system. What motherboard? What size case? Can it take a std PSU? PCIe X16 slot? Check the nameplate on the PSU for the amperage rating on the +12V rail. What resolution is your monitor?

    If your PSU is really rated at only 180W, you are going to be hurting to come up with a card that is much more powerful than the on-board. Any card that doesn't require a separate PCIe power cable would be the best you can do. But even some of them may overtax the small 180W PSU.

    A PSU upgrade may be required.
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