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Need some help i'm building a rig with a 3570k @ 4.5ghz, 7950, 8gb ram, etc. So i will use my pc for everything gaming, movies, watching series, word, etc. Question the 120hz only really matter in FPS games? i play every type of game but i do not play online fps, maybe sometimes i go multiplayer in a FPS but i have never been into it, i'm not a hardcore fps gamer. I know the IPS have better colors and viewing angle that is a plus for me.

What is my best choice?
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  1. That's up to you, but I can say that 120hz is good for more than FPS games. It good for any 1st person or over the shoulder game that is controlled by mouse as well as driving games. When changing your view by mouse, 60hz setups make things feel sluggish in comparison.
  2. I prefer H-IPS that are only 60Hz. I'm not a hardcore gamer and I am not looking for 80+ FPS. 60FPS is good enough for me and since I own a TN panel monitor (60Hz) and IPS panel monitors, I can definitely don't really like TN panel monitors.
  3. For very fast-paced games, I tend to prefer proper 120Hz displays that can be used to allow smoother play, but that's me. For slower-paced games, I'd probably go with a high-quality IPS display of some sort, budget allowing.
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