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So i have a server with an internet nic and lan nic. The internet nic gets its IP from the router the lan nic uses DHCP for the network and has I just turned on the ftp service and it works fine in the lan side but cant reach it from the ISP side. I use a dynamic dns host which is monitoring my internet ip and is correct. Im pretty sure this is a routing issue between the internet nic and the server but cant figure it out
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  1. Did you enable UPnP forwarding to forward FTP traffic to your server? Note that using a dynamic IP address can become an issue if the server's IP address changes when it's rebooted. You should assign it a static IP address outside the DHCP range of the router.
  2. I do have the port forwarded in the router pointing to the internet nic. The address in DHCP is on reserve so its not changing for the server. FTP is even set up "unassigned" so it should work for either nic.
  3. Does your ISP allow FTP servers? If not, then you could use a different port.
  4. Thats a good question I have FIOS but never had an ISP block FTP before.

    Just remembered something I plugged a laptop into the router and tried FTP from there It was not able to hit the FTP server, that would be the internet side nic. So its not seeing any FTP on the internet nic thats why I though it would be routing.
  5. Think it could be the firewall in SBS2003? I just did a regular install of the firewall.
  6. Disable the firewall while testing.
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