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Budget changed sense last thread, it is now $700. Can I get someone to confirm that all parts will work together and will work together well. I would also like to know if anyone has any recommendations. Purchasing on Thursday, Amazon only.

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  1. Looks good my only advice, buy a 7870 and get it from newegg. You will get 2 games for free, and the 7870 is a lot stronger.
  2. Looks good, but I would also second the 7870.
  3. Triple the 7870 =P
    Amazon version
    But yeah the newegg offer is better (might get free games with the Amazon one but no guarantees
  4. You won't get free games, I called them when I got the 7950
  5. I'd second the 7870 but also make sure you get the low profile Vengeance RAM.
  6. Just got it built but I'm only flickering 59 and 60 fps on both CS:GO and TF2 (on max settings) when I should be getting more than that. Can someone tell me why and how to fix?
  7. You should check if Vysnc is on in the advanced video settings. That limits your fps to your monitor refresh which is usually 60hz.
    Turning it off is not reccomended due to tearing in the image. I keep vsync on most of the time
  8. Yes, that gives me around 140 - 200 fps in CS:GO. 60 FPS is plenty, I just wanted to know because I thought maybe something was wrong.
  9. Its probably the vsync that was limiting your fps, as stated above. You are getting normal FPS.
  10. Try updating your graphics drivers if you're running the ones from the disc that came with your GPU.
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