No display with these parts

I am using this mobo:
With an intel core i7 3770 intel hd graphics 4000.
i am using dual channel corsair ram @ 1600mhz.
1tb western digital hard drive.
All the power and case things are correctly installed, yet there is no display when computer is on.
Any help would be appreciated. thanks\
Oh and the sound trobuleshooter is making no sound
P.S. sorry if extremely vague. I also have followed the steps on the list with no sucess
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  1. And the cpu is connected with a 4 pin connector rather than a 8 pin connector. Don't know if that would make a difference tho
  2. Also, one more thing. Everything is working(The cpu fan, hardrive) but no video is showing up. The mobo should support the graphics in the cpu.
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