Sli 670 4gb vs 7970 crossfire ghz edition

Hello, I am torn between the 670 and the 7970. I will play games sometimes but not always on eyefinity/surround. I also do video editing with cs6. I know that the 670 was memory bus limitations.

This is what i think the pros are for each card. correct me if im wrong.

670 pros:
evga( i will get evga)
cuda cores
better driver support
better sli scaling

better overclocking

I do not know which cards to get. i am wondering if i should just wait for the next gen but then they will be way overpriced.
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  1. i pretty much agree to your pros vs list AMD fans other then me will not i am also not sure if sli scaling is better i think its debatable both do pretty well i am a fan of both company's so i say you cannot go wrong either way!Rest assure the fanboys of either card will show up sipping their red/green kool aid and help you decide
  2. Also i am playing at 5670x1080
  3. 1.physx is only in few games
    2.which 670/7970's will you be getting
    3.i like how you did your homework on this good job
    4.i think the 7970 because it can be right up there with the 680 but at the price of a 670
  4. AMD has Direct Compute and OpenCL features as well as far superior MSAA scaling and SLI scaling better is not really true, at least not with these cards and current drivers (although SLI still has slightly superior multi-GPU support IIRC).

    Unless you play games that don't work in CF and Eyefinity, I'd go with the AMD setup in this comparison. The high resolution is to AMD's advantage and even if it wasn't, the 7970 GHz Edition has an edge over the 670 anyway (although how much of an edge can vary significantly between different models of each card).

    I don't recall the games that have serious trouble with CF and SLI right now, so you'd have to ask someone else about that and I wouldn't recommend buying cards until tat has been settled.
  5. I want to first say that I don't recommend multi gpu set ups. Now that I said that, it always depends on the games you play, but in most of them a set of 7970 GHZ will be faster than 670s. In Photoshop cs6, the AMD cards are faster too, but not in Premeire or After Effects, there the Nvidia CUDA shines.
  6. Please have a look at this article:

    Cat 12.11 is a GAME CHANGER. Also if you are interested in any of the games in AMD's bundle it is an extremely attractive value proposition. Furthermore, I want to highlight it is the vanilla 7970 that is in Anand's bench, meaning the 7970 GHz edition would outperform even the GTX680 in BF3!!!
  7. kaoticxfalledhd said:
    Also i am playing at 5670x1080
    @ that res i am going to say go with 7970's but again i might be wrong i have not kept up to date over the passed two months i get sick of it too many with big ego's on this site thinks they know everything and members debate this almost daily so maybe someone more informed can help you good luck!
  8. CF scaling was better than SLI scaling last I knew, but I'd say SLI support might be a little better. So what blazorthon said.^
  9. While CF and SLI are similar in scaling, I've seen a lot more evidence that CF has more microstuttering issues, though it's a lot better than previous generations, you still see reviewers noting that with the same FPS, SLI felt smoother. I've seen other charts that showed scientifically that SLI did have less microstutter.

    That said, AMD does have better OpenCL and DirectCompute, but often times CUDA makes up for it if supported.
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    I will use after effects and premier.
    these are the 2 cards im considering

    is there a better model of the 7970?

    EDIT: i put the wrong 7970. updated link
  11. Yes, but prices also go up.

    MSI Lightning, and Sapphire VaporX/Toxic Editions
  12. is there any real fps difference between the cards at 5760x1080??
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    bigcyco1 said:
    @ that res i am going to say go with 7970's but again i might be wrong i have not keep up to date over the past two months i get sick of it so maybe someone more informed can help you good luck! ;)

    AMD just released a new driver with a decent performance improvement again (Catalyst 12.11):

    IDK how it affects CF, but it's definitely something that should be considered. Nvidia also released a 309.something driver recently IIRC and IDK how much it impacts things either.
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  15. kaoticxfalledhd said:
    is there any real fps difference between the cards at 5760x1080??

    Between the cards, the 7970s would generally win AFAIK. However, different game settings and such might be able to change that, although AMD would probably have an advantage in most situations.

    Now, how much of a win that would be would, again, be impacted by many things, overclocking being yet another factor as well as the individual models being compared. Sometimes, they might be on-par, sometimes, there might be a significant difference, and sometimes, that significant difference might be made irrelevant by both cards already having great frame latency.
  16. ^ Thanks for info checking it out now. :)
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