Windows 7 freezes at start up upon attaching new video card/PSU

Hi guys. I'm using quite of an old desktop rig.

I recently replaced my 8500GT in favor of a GTS 450 ( both PALIT) which i bought last year...
and my generic 550watts power supply with a newly bought FPS epsilon 700W.

1. Windows 7 freezes at the 'Starting Windows' logo screen.
all the fans seem operational... the cpu, new video card, PSU..

2. Windows 7 freezes even upon attempting to run Safe mode and that Repair option.

Here are my specs.

MSI P35 Neo3 motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4ghz
5GB ram (2pcs 2gb, 1pc 1gb)
2pcs 3.5'' hdd

The new hardware i attached to my desktop are:
GTS 450 1024mb ddr5
FPS Epsilon 700W

I'm not really very knowledgeable abt technical stuff so maybe you guys could help me. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and support.

21 y.o, The Philippines
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  1. I tried to boot it from an old windows xp installed on another disk. still not working.
  2. okay..

    try to attach your old 8500GT once more again..with your new epsilon

    is it still give you same issue..?

    if yes, then your psu is the main problem..

    if not, with 8500GT still in your system, try to enter safe mode and uninstall vga driver..replace it with the newest driver avaiable..

    then put your GTS450 back in to your system..

    is it still give you same issue..?

    if yes then there are something wrong with your graphics card..
    check all the cable..check 6 pin auxiliary cable, is it well assembled..?

    if it yes..then try to attach your graphics card to the different system..well, friends rig maybe...
    is it give you the same problem..?

    if yes..then return your vga to the manufacture if it still covered by warranty..
    if not..go to the computer store and buy new graphics card...:D
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