DD_WRT DHCP Fowarding & Win Server 2008 R2


Here is my scenario:
Home Environment

Netgear Router running DD-WRT
Windows Server 2008 R2 Machine
Multiple wired & Wifi clients

I currently have dd-wrt build 13309M running on the Netgear Router. This Netgear Router is configured with 2 vlans ( not including the WAN) & 1 Physical SSID & one virtual one. The virtual SSID is for Guest access & is firewalled off from the other network segments. All other network segments can talk with one another by configuration of iptables.

BR0-VLAN 1+Eth1
BR0 is for trusted clients. It's subnet is
BR1-wl0.1-for Guest Access- Subnet is off from other nerworks
Vlan3-Server LAN-Subnet is

My server is on vlan3. It's ip is The server serves AD,DNS,DHCP, File & Web. I currently have dd-wrt dhcp fowarding turned on the point to the server. The server is configured with 2 DHCP scopes, one for the GUEST wifi & one for trusted. My problem is that clients on either the Trusted LAN nor the Guest LAN get a DHCP lease. I have done a tcpdump on the router & have found that the server is recieving the DHCP requests from the clients via the fowarding done by the router & the server returns a offer but the client never seems to be getting it. I am not sure wither or not DD-Wrt is blocking the frames or not.

If anyone could help me figure this out I would be grateful.
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  1. I just ran wireshark on the server lan & have discovered that server server recieves the dhcp rquest for the client & sends out a offer to the client but that data packet never makes it to the client.
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