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Hello, I'm stephen from Ghana and i'm using Asus desktop barebone vintage-PH1 and i just installed windows 7 on it but can't get the video controller drivers(VGA) can u help please
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  1. Um yeah. Sorry not enough info.
  2. Can you give more details about your system? Like exact motherboard, CPU other equipment.

    If it is too old, it might not support Windows 7.
  3. I'm wondering if this is the one, with the "Intel®; Graphics Media Accelerator 900":

    And indeed, under the Download tab, it has Windows XP drivers, among others for the "Intel Graphics Adapter", but no Windows 7, neither even Vista. You can try to install the XP driver, after you set the Setup.exe in XP compatible mode.

    But before you do that, maybe you should go into Windows Update. Sometimes it can find drivers, or updates to currently installed drivers. More on this:
    (Click on the blue "To update drivers using Windows Update")

    If it doesn't help, then Intel's webpage is the next stop.
  4. A success story with Windows XP driver, set to compatibility mode:
    (Check Ron van Nuland's comment, it's currently the last comment, from 2nd February, 2012)

    I followed the download link:

    And it goes to an XP driver, but it's date, "01/17/2007", is much fresher than the "2004.07.19" offered by the ASUS product support page.

    Good luck!
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