[HELP] Beeping from my computer, where is it coming from?

Hi guys, first time poster here. So I recently put together a system for the first time. Everything was running great. I just added three case fans to my pc and now it makes a beeping noise. :( I have the NZXT Phantom 410 case with the built in fan controller. Here is the kicker. It only makes the beeping noise on the 2nd (middle) speed. On low and high speed it runs fine, no beeping, no problems. But when I set it to the middle speed, it makes a continuous beep. I can't tell where its coming from but it must be connected to the fans. All fans are spinning and all are connect to the fan controller via the 3 pin plugs, ie none are connected to the motherboard.

Oh, and I also swapped out my old graphics card for the gtx670 while I was adding the fans but I cannot see the problem being with the gpu.

Please help me :pt1cable:

My specs:

Phantom 410 case
ASUS P8Z77 V motherboard
I5 3570k
2TB Seagate HDD
Rosewill 1000W PSU
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  1. beeping from the speaker, because of the fan speed you set maybe
  2. No, sorry it is not from the speakers. The beeping noise is definitely coming from inside the case.
  3. then I dont know
  4. Is the motherboard speaker attached? Looks like this, should be attached with the rest of the case I/O in the bottom right corner of the motherboard.
    Try disconnecting that and booting the system again.

    Thats the only source of a beeping noise I can think of from inside the case. No idea why it would beep or not depending on the fan speed though.
  5. Ok so I searched some more and stumbled upon this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJH1mSV3A-Q

    This seems to be the exact problem I am having. Seems to be related to a faulty fan controller. Looks like I'll be contacting NZXT customer service. I heard they are not the best. Any truth?

    In the meantime before I get my replacement, maybe I can plug my new fans into the motherboard and that will eliminate the noise? Because before I installed the new fans it was working OK on medium. Could there be a conflict between the NZXT fan controller and my Cooler Master SickleFlow fans?
  6. No idea, my NZXT Fan controller hasn't thrown up any issues so haven't had to deal with their customer service.

    Again, no idea. I see no reason why a paticular fan would have issues with the fan controller, as all it is is just a variable resistor. But swapping some other fans in to test cant hurt.
  7. Hi.I think u should check the compartibility issues with both processor n motherboard
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